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Initiative for Renewable Energy & the Environment

Financial support from IREE reached beyond the science labs and test plots at the University of Minnesota. IREE-funded research has resulted in numerous partnerships, patents and disclosures, as well as extensive publication in international science journals.

Matching Grant Program

IREE will no longer be accepting proposals for the Matching Grant Program.

MN Legislative Intent

Funding for IREE was legislatively mandated from Xcel Energy’s Renewable Development Fund. The Legislative Intent outlines IREE’s responsibilities. Learn more

History of Awards

The Institute on the Environment (IonE) issued a final IREE request for proposals (RFP). Results will be available soon.  Learn more

Investment Principles

The annual funding process was conducted in accordance with IREE’s Investment Principles established in 2003. Learn more

IREE Projects Database

This database has information on all research funded by the Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment, including project overviews, principal investigators and more. Search the database

Grant Types

IREE offered funding to six different types of grants, depending on the research location, duration, cost, risk and partners. Learn more

The Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment (IREE) is a signature program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

Check out IREE's research impacts, pioneering projects, external collaborations, educational initiatives and more in the 2012 annual report (PDF).

Measuring the carbon footprint of Gevo, Inc.’s Luverne, MN corn supply: A survey based assessment of the potential for delivering a low carbon corn grain feedstock for biofuels. Read the report (PDF).