University of Minnesota
University of Minnesota
Initiative for Renewable Energy & the Environment
  1. IREE-funded activities should be consistent with our mission.
    Investment decisions should be consistent with the University of Minnesota mission of research, teaching and engagement; with the IREE mission; and with the mandates or requirements of specific funding sources.
  2. IREE-funded activities should be multidisciplinary.
    Investment proposals should demonstrate interdisciplinary collaboration among relevant fields, departments, colleges and IREE clusters, and/or with external organizations.
  3. IREE funds should be highly leveraged.
    Proposals where IREE investments can be significantly leveraged will be given top priority.
  4. IREE investments should capitalize on unique or potential University of Minnesota strengths, opportunities and faculty expertise.
    Investment proposals that bring together unique strengths and expertise in creative, innovative and interdisciplinary ways; do not duplicate ongoing efforts; and fill important research, outreach or education gaps will be given top priority.
  5. IREE investments should address clear and compelling needs and opportunities. Investment proposals must clearly address a compelling societal or market need. Proposals may include research on emerging technologies as well as applied science, education and demonstration to support development of under-deployed, proven technologies.
  6. IREE investments will be balanced among proposals with high-early and longer-term impacts.
    IREE funds will be invested in proposals that address both short- and long-term challenges and opportunities. Some proposals will be selected to obtain some immediate benefits to stakeholders and to foster collaborative efforts. Other proposals will ensure strategic development of new or unproven technologies.
  7. IREE will employ reporting and accountability standards.
    IREE will require reporting of activities and accomplishments related to investments on an annual basis. These reports will be consolidated, distributed to key stakeholders and available to the public. IREE expenditures must be made in accordance with appropriate University of Minnesota accounting and reporting practices and procedures.
The Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment (IREE) is a signature program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

Check out IREE's research impacts, pioneering projects, external collaborations, educational initiatives and more in the 2012 annual report (PDF).

Measuring the carbon footprint of Gevo, Inc.’s Luverne, MN corn supply: A survey based assessment of the potential for delivering a low carbon corn grain feedstock for biofuels. Read the report (PDF).