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Initiative for Renewable Energy & the Environment

IREE offered funding to six different types of grants, depending on the research location, duration, cost, risk and partners.

Demonstration Grants

Early in IREE’s history the legislative mandate required IREE to provide funding for renewable energy research in rural Minnesota. Research proposals that met the rural designation requirements of the legislative mandate were classified as demonstration projects. IREE no longer designates rural projects as demonstration projects but includes these research proposal into the categories below.
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Early Career Grants

IREE Early Career Grants enabled faculty in the early stages of their careers to launch or accelerate innovative research programs. These grants were awarded through a competitive RFP-process on an annual bases. Grants were typically awarded from $100,000-150,000.
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Large Grants

IREE Large Grants helped launch potentially transformative projects in emerging fields of energy and the environment. These grants were awarded through a competitive RFP-process on an annual basis. These typically involved multiple investigators, up to 3 years in duration, and ranged from $250,000 to $950,000.
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Matching Grants

The intent of IREE matching funds is to leverage significant new or expanded efforts among University of Minnesota researchers and external partners.  These grants are awarded continuously throughout the fiscal year based on merit and availability of funds.
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Seed Grants

IREE Seed Grants supported high-risk, high-potential projects in the initial stages of development. These grants were awarded through a competitive RFP-process on an annual bases. Seed Grants were small grants, typically $50,000 – $75,000, with a research time limit of one year.  Designed to (1) attract U of M researchers to the IREE portfolio and (2) launch leading edge research to position researchers for additional funding.
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Special Opportunity Grants

Special opportunity grants were reserved for strategic investments which built on unique strengths and/or addressed unique opportunities which may not be addressed in the regular granting cycles. These grants were often in response to newly developed technologies or to further research in recently discovered novel breakthroughs.
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The Initiative for Renewable Energy and the Environment (IREE) is a signature program of the University of Minnesota's Institute on the Environment.

Check out IREE's research impacts, pioneering projects, external collaborations, educational initiatives and more in the 2012 annual report (PDF).

Measuring the carbon footprint of Gevo, Inc.’s Luverne, MN corn supply: A survey based assessment of the potential for delivering a low carbon corn grain feedstock for biofuels. Read the report (PDF).